40 years of experience

Barbara Berzin leading School for Interior Design

Barbara Berzin prestigious School for Interior Design is Israel’s most leading, veteran interior design school. The school and studio operate in the masterapprentice method teaching then secrets of the trade. This method was common in Europe in the 15th century as the master taught and groomed his apprentices alongside practical work.
And Barbara indeed teaches all the “secrets” of the trade.

Classes include up to 24 students only such that each student gains personal attention and mentoring.

The unique combination of theoretical and practical studies implemented on real clients provides our graduates an extraordinary advantage in their new career as self-employed or employees.

Our programs

Full training Interior Design Studies (two academic years)

Home Styling Course

Barbara Berzin

Orit Cohen-Alalo


Boris Soltanov

Shira Itzhaki

Galit Shefer

Arianna Shapira


“Barbara Berzin is a mad woman but she taught me everything I know. Every time one of my clients likes his home I thank her. Her school is an experience…”

Hila Motil (Yechiel)
Studio graduate

“Dear Barbara, you of all people know what kind of a background check I ran on interior design schools until I ended up with you. I enjoy arriving at the studio, breathing and taking up the air…”

Livnat Cohen Marin
Studio graduate

“Barbara Berzin, the woman and the legend, a milestone in my life. It is thanks to you that I work in a profession that provides me security with great dignity, thanks to you my passion for creating and for the trade find their expression…”

Shani Morion
Interior Designer

“Barbara, you taught and educated us in the best possible way! You are a rare professional, an extraordinary woman, and a mentor for life! Thank you for everything… You are the best!…”

Stav Ben Yaakov
Interior Designer

For further details and coordinating a personal counseling appointment, contact us:

Tel: 052-858-6605 
Email: studiobsil@gmail.com
Address: Carlebach St 7, Tel Aviv

Design: Asaf Wismel | Concept: Boris Soltanov

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