About the school

Barbara Berzin School and Studio for Interior Design has existed for 20 years and operates in a unique, exclusive method. Studies are based on the classic masterapprentice teaching method that was common in the Middle Ages and Renaissance training artisans at the various guilds in Europe by both theoretical studies and practical work with the master. And Barbara indeed teaches all the “secrets” of the trade. Studies are made in intimate groups under Barbara Berzin’s personal mentoring and include academic studies and practical work in architecture and interior design firms.

About Barbara Berzin

Barbara Berzin is the owner of Barbara Berzin School and Studio for Interior Design that operates in the masterapprentice method, an institute that has blossomed and thrived for more than 20 years. Berzin has designed more than 2000 different projects, lectures in various institutes and organizations, and served as a judge on TV reality show “The Block” on Channel 10. She is the first, top of her class student of Eliezer Kaplan’s “Hasadna” school for interior design and architecture. She worked for architect Ada Karmi Melamede (winner of the Israel Prize for Architecture for 2007) as a project manager for 8 years.

What is the advantage of having practical experience?

Hands-on experience bridges over the gap between theory and real life. Studies include practical experience that provides added value and leads to the success of our graduates in their careers as independent designers.

The planning and design method offered at the studio is based on a deep review of the client’s needs and an analysis of the environment in which the project is situated in order to provide the client with the best desirable result at the highest standard.


Barbara Berzin's credo:

  • Interior design as a way of life.
  • Master-apprentice method.
  • Theoretical and practical studies.
  • Atmosphere of creativity, inspiration and support.
  • Master-student commitment.
  • Matter-of-fact, concise learning process.
  • Love and honesty.
  • Our studio is a home.
  • Girl power.

Interior design is a fascinating, addictive profession that touches upon the most beautiful aspects of life: people, light, color, materials and planning of pleasant, accurate and exciting spaces. 

Interior design is the ultimate connection of function to esthetics, substance and spirit, the divine and human.

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