Intro to Interior Design
in 9 Sessions

Interior Design Course

Barbara Barzin Studio Short Interior Design Course gives you professional and practical tools in interior design in 9 sessions.

Recommended for those who want to learn and expand their knowledge.
At the end of the course, you can decide whether to advance to full interior design studies.

A course can be booked for a minimum group of 7 participants

Duration of the course

9 sessions once a week
between 18:00-21:00


The date will be announced soon


3,200 NIS – up to 3 payments can be deployed

Address of the school

Barbara Berzin Studio
113 HaHashmonaim Street, Tel Aviv

Session 1 - Introduction to Interior Design

  • What is Interior Design
  • Home Decorating Process – a prescription for the right home baking
  • How to renovate your home and not get a divorce
  • The house as an energy accumulator
  • Home Lighting Principles 

Session 2 - The wonders of color

Come equipped with a brush the size of your pinky, 5 gouache colors: red, blue, yellow, black and white, “Cartridge” drawing block (35 cm / 50 cm)

  • Primers
  • The psychological effect of color
  • Color industry
  • Color Therapy
  • Principles of operation of the human eye
  • Historical color families and color applications

Session 3 - Principles of Technical Drawing and Composition

Come equipped with a brush the size of your pinky, 5 gouache colors: red, blue, yellow, black and white, “Cartridge” drawing block (35 cm / 50 cm)

  • Practice reading architectural plans
  • Graphic symbols in technical drawing
  • Composition and its importance in space planning

Session 4 - Living room, family, work, library

  • Evolution of the living room and family room
  • How to choose furniture: sofas, pictures, table and the like
  • Importance Pyramid, Control and Flow Transitions, Home Theater System, LCD Positioning
  • Lighting and color scheme

Session 5 - Let's talk about money

  • How to save money on interior design
  • Pre-sale apartment upgrade tips and apartment rental tips
  • Tips for buying an apartment, how to do a minimal budget renovation

Session 6 - Indulgence in the Bathroom

  • Bathroom as a cleaning room
  • Retirement of the bathrooms
  • The dream shower
  • Materials Selection – Tips for choosing sanitary ware, cladding and bathroom flooring
  • Colorful lighting scheme

Session 7 - Master bedroom and bedroom for children

  • Design of children’s rooms – from childhood to adulthood
  • Double room design
  • Cozy master bedroom design
  • Designing the ultimate wardrobe
  • Wardrobe design
  • Flow, lighting and color scheme

Session 8 - Feng Shui Chinese Design Theory

We will do this by understanding the connection between the various elements in nature and analyzing the properties of each element.
When we are done we will divide the materials, textures, shapes and colors by groups based on the harmonious design of the house.
Guest Lecturer: Interior Designer and Senior Feng Shui Theory – Boris Sultanov

Session 9 - Kitchen and dining area - delicious and convenient

  • Kitchen Design – The Holy Triangle
  • The evolution of kitchens
  • Mines in kitchen design
  • Materials, lighting, color schemes
  • The professional kitchen as opposed to the kitchen
  • Small or large dining area

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