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Barbara Berzin Studio is a boutique school for Interior Design and is considered one of the leading, veteran interior design schools in Israel. The studio staff and master Barbara Berzin will train you to be leading interior designers in the market!

The studies are based on the classical master-apprentice teaching method that was commonly used by the great Renaissance masters.
And Barbara indeed teaches all the “secrets” of the trade by way of personal mentoring, in small intimate groups.

How long does the course last?

First year – theoretical studies (3 academic semesters)
Second year – practical studies (3 academic semesters)

Terms of admission

To study interior design at the Studio, you don’t need to present a psychometric exam score or portfolio, to have previous experience or to improve your matriculation.
To be admitted to interior design studies at the Studio you should take a 3-D (spatial vision) check, a composition and home styling exam, and a personal interview.

Where is the School located?

113 HaHashmonaim Street, 1st Floor, Tel-Aviv, near main roads, about 5-minute walk from Hashalom Rail Station.

Academic year 2019/20


Morning course: starts at November 12, 2019 on Tuesday and Thursday 09:15-15:45

Evening course: starts at November 12, 2019 on Tuesday and Thursday 17:00-21:30


First year – theoretical studies: 47,000 NIS
Second year – practical studies: 20,000 NIS

Interior design course is recognized for receiving a deposit under the Discharged Soldiers Law!
Option for wide installment plans


First year – theoretical professional training

The interior design course is held twice a week 09:15-15:45.

Starting with the second month, one of the training days will continue until 18:00, for 14 weeks. On that day ArchiCAD class will be held, the most advanced drawing software in the world for architects and interior designers, for 2-D and 3-D drawing and rendering.

In addition, there are approximately 25 weekly hours of home work.

One day a week is taught by maestro Barbara Berzin and by lecturer Shira Itzhaki, who specializes in planning for the private sector.

Learning and practicing 3-D, projections, one- and two-point perspective, foundations of home styling, technical drawing, work plans for tenders and performance, bill of quantities, technical specifications, steps, aluminum lists, design woodwork, wet carpentry, construction, permits and work with various authorities, office administration, work procedures with contractors, construction firms and engineers.

One day a week is taught by our professional, experienced lecturers.

Lecturer Orit Cohen-Alalo, specializing in home styling, color and planning.

Lecturer Boris Soltanov specializing in design, land improvement, feng shui, and commercial and private planning.

Learning and practicing mood board, perspective, composition, presentation, color, home styling, textures and materials. Planning of private and commercial spaces, from small apartments to villas, restaurants and commercial spaces, including facades and land improvement. Review of and familiarity with materials and products that exist on the market and solutions for small spaces.

Lectures are delivered in small, intimate groups focusing on personal attention to each student. The academic year includes tours and lectures that correspond the theoretical contents: in various workshops, plants and showrooms such as marble, mirrors, shower stalls, mosaic, metal fixture companies, providers of smart electricity and lighting, wallpaper, curtain and textile studios, etc.

Internship year

Unique internship program in an interior design firm format

During the internship year students join the Studio’s office class and actually implement the knowledge they gained in the first year.

The internship year prepares students for the real world of interior design.

During that year students learn in a real office format: they work on real projects, with real clients, and in real time; they attend work meetings with clients and suppliers, and take an active part in the planning process, in drawing work plans and in managing projects.

Students go on project monitoring as well as on tours for selecting materials and accessories with clients.

Throughout the entire process, students are personally and closely mentored by Barbara Berzin and other leading interior designers who are Studio graduates.

Joining the office class provides students with hands-on professional experience and confidence of their knowledge.

The projects in which they participate during the practical year will be part of their portfolio which will include real plans, models and photos of post-performance projects.

Professional tours abroad for interior designers:

Studio students and graduates are invited to participate in professional tours, at special, attractive prices, guided by the Studio lecturers (the trips are extra-curriculum).

The following tours have taken place during the past year:

  • London Design Festival
  • Milano Design Week
  • Design Week Shanghai
  • An architecture tour in Tokyo

At the end of the course

A diploma is granted to Studio graduates who successfully pass the internship. The diploma is equivalent to a reference letter to an employee who completes his/her term of employment in a leading interior design firm. Our graduates leave the Studio with a real, extraordinary portfolio and with a “tool box” for their life in general and for their professional life in particular.

For further details and coordinating a personal counseling appointment, contact us:

Tel: 03-5666160 
Address: 113 HaHashmonaim Street, Tel-Aviv

Design: Asaf Wismel | Concept: Boris Soltanov

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