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Interior Design Studies

at Studio Barbara Berzin


Coffee and pastry gathering


Barbara Brezin lecture on:
Interior design as a life-changing lever



Thursday at 18:30

Meet the Maestro of Interior Design - Barbara Berzin!

  • How to turn a hobby of interior design into a career? Is it worthwhile?
  • How much money does an interior designer start earning as an employee or independent?
  • What are the conditions for admission and what backgrounds do you need to have to study?

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50% off registration fees for registrants at the open meeting

I'm happy that I met you, that I absorbed a hundredth of your knowledge, professionalism, pedantry, way of thinking…. And above all – it's you, the time you invested in me and in all of us, the way I currently speak with professionals, the questions I ask, the ambition for excellence – it's all you! Every professional I meet and talk to very quickly tells me: "Well, it's common knowledge that the best designers come from Barbara". I hope that you feel a little bit of all that; your hard work pays off - big time. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. Today and forever, I truly love you Barbara.
Noa Bar
Graduate, owner of an interior design firm

Join the leading interior designers in Israel who have learned in the master-apprentice method

Barbara Berzin teaches the secrets of the trade in a unique method that was very common during the Renaissance: studies and professional training under personal mentoring, in small, intimate groups, including professional sessions, tours and guest lectures. After two academic years and experience working on real projects, you will have all the tools to successfully integrate into the interior design market as self employed or as an employee!

Professional staff

Barbara Berzin

Senior lecturer and owners of the School for Interior Design, considered one of a small group of leading interior designers in Israel who shape our life for years to come.

Orit Cohen-Alalo

Senior lecturer and owner of the School of Interior Design, considered to be one of a limited group of leading interior designers in the country who shape our lives in the years to come.

Boris Soltanov

An expert and experienced lecture on feng shui. He graduated the course with high honors. Owns an independent design firm specializing in offices and NOP 38 projects.

Galit Shefer

Galit takes great pleasure in teaching planning and design of commercial spaces and has vast experience in large commercial projects. She loves, breathes and lives design.

Why learn Interior Design with Barbara Berzin?

  • Because only Barbara will teach you the secrets of the trade in a personal, accurate, comprehensive way.
  • Only Barbara will equip you with a truly professional, pragmatic and purposeful tool box.
  • Only Barbara will enhance your self confidence and provide you with professional strength to persevere with this tough profession.
  • Only Barbara will teach you marketing.
  • Only Barbara will teach you how to budget a project as well as yourself.
  • Only Barbara will teach you how to lead and control complex renovation projects.
  • Only Barbara will teach you how to become a leader.
  • Only here will you be inspired by a super designer.

So – come make your dream a thriving career

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For further information call 03-5666160 or leave your details:


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